Figure skater Adam Siao Him Fa performed a dangerous illegal move in the European Figure Skating Championships – and still won

French figure skater Adam Siao Him Fa successfully defended his men’s singles title in the European Figure Skating Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania with a performance that included an illegal move.

Here’s how that played out.

French figure skater Adam Siao Him Fa just did an illegal backflip in competition at the European Championships, deliberately incurring a deduction, as a flex of his confidence that he would win anyway. He did, in fact, win.
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In a post-performance interview, he described the backflip – which cost him two points due to being considered too dangerous – as ‘a little French touch’.

Here’s what Reddit users thought of it.

So he got gold for doing an illegal thing. You usually go to prison for that.


I’d say it’s more like he got gold in spite of doing an illegal thing. You usually go into politics for that.

It’s like he drove at twice the speed limit because he knew he could afford to pay the ticket.

Honestly good for him. I know why the move is banned, but this type of talent only comes by a few times in a lifetime and reminds me of the greatest of the greats. Love to see it.

Adam is a ludicrously skilled and brash badass and I love him.

I have a feeling that if they are going to keep it illegal, they may up the penalty to a level such that it would be enough to guarantee a loss from first place.

I can see why he still won, what talent.

Just the flex to be able to say, beat that everyone and and I will even take the points deduction because I can. Simply breathtaking.

I was watching this live earlier – it’s not the first time Adam has put a backflip in this routine, but it’s definitely the first time he’s done with an actual championship at stake!

How do people who do this not get dizzy? I get dizzy looking for something with my head sideways, or watching someone spin. This would kill me

Anarchy On Ice.

Need this level of skill and confidence in my life

If the figure skating becomes too easy, he could always hire himself out for novelty laundry shows.

I reckon if we gave him a towel to hold that was straight out the washing machine, he’d dry it completely with those spinny bois.


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