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Thérèse Coffey tried to style out her comedy Rwanda faux pas and was owned into the next parliament

You’ll probably know by no Thérèse Coffey’s comedy Rwanda faux pas in the House of Commons which might be the best thing any Conservative has done in office for some time now.

It’s certainly the funniest, after she appeared to mistake the capital of Rwanda for a whole other country.

We’ve rounded up all of our favourite responses here, and we mention it again because the former deputy prime minister – lol – has tried to style it out on Twitter by suggesting that she knew what she was talking about all along.

And there was no end of people happy to point out that in fact she would do precisely that, and has done many times in the past, and it’s an absolute treat.

Well, you get the idea by now. And here’s exactly what people had to say about all that.

Of if you prefer it particularly straight-talking …

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