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An American in Yorkshire shared the British phrases she can’t live without – and Brits are claiming her for the UK

Back in 2021, American TikToker Lisa Dollan – known as @yorkshirepeach – shared the British insults she’d learnt since moving to Yorkshire. She went wildly viral.

Here’s a reminder.

@yorkshirepeach #americanintheuk ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

It looks like Lisa’s learning curve is ongoing, as she recently posted this collection of British phrases she now uses, and it’s highly relatable.

@yorkshirepeach #americanintheuk ♬ original sound – Yorkshire Peach

TikTok users recognised their own habits in Lisa’s list – and confirmed her status as an honorary Brit.

Have you ‘mashed’ tea yet? Pop the kettle on and get the tea mashed!

But do you turn on the big light when you need to see properly?

You are officially on of us, haha.

My old dad used to say this when he saw a bow legged man.
“He couldn’t stop a pig in a passage”.


But when you go out are you going out or out out?

Down south it’s “you can fit a tank through there”.

I love you…”sainsberries”

It’s most annoying when you all run out to get the washing in, and 2 seconds later, it stops raining!
Urban Clothing Collection

Put wood int ole. Aka close the door.

I will never get bored of these.
Jayde Watson

I say all of these at least once a week.
Florence and Freya

We claim you as officially British.
Daniel James

Hanglemez Pallaccini was spot on.

It’s funny coz it’s true.

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