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Rishi Sunak tried to wriggle out of his £1k bet with Piers Morgan and it wasn’t the slam dunk he thought it was

You’ll know by now Rishi Sunak’s most unfortunate decision to accept at £1,000 bet with Piers Morgan that his Rwanda policy will finally take off before the next general election.

The moment from Morgan’s TalkTV interview with the PM went viral for reasons which will now be obvious.

We rounded up a whole bunch of responses here but if you only need one then make it this.

Morgan will just be happy that his TalkTV show finally went viral, of course, but for Sunak the optics were a little trickier. So he spent most of this morning trying to explain why he accepted the bet, and it only made the whole thing even worse (and when we say worse, we mean better).

‘Taken totally by surprise.’

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

To conclude …

And finally.

Oh go on then!

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