Celebrity Olivia colman swearing

Olivia Colman shared her favourite swear word and had a fabulous message for anyone ‘a little bit precious’ about it (NSFW!)

The wonderful Olivia Colman stars alongside the equally fabulous Jessie Buckley in new movie Wicked Little Letters.

The black comedy tells the true story of a Sussex woman accused of sending filth-filled poison pen letters, a scandal which gripped 1920s respectable society.

And it was with the spirit of the film in mind that the pair were asked for their favourite swearwords. First up, Jessie Buckley!

But it’s Olivia Colman we’re really here for, not for her favourite swearword – which is a clear winner, needless to say – but for the message she had for anyone who might be ‘a little bit precious’ about it.

Never change, Olivia!

And most of all, this.

Oh go on then, and this.

Last word – promise – to Olivia Colman.

Source @StudiocanalUK