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This woman’s attempt at DIY demolition starts off badly and keeps getting worse

A funny clip from a couple of years ago had people wondering how some people make it through life. It showed one woman’s increasingly desperate attempts to remove an old phone from a wall with a hammer …as you do.

It recently resurfaced on Reddit, thanks to u/BlueeWaater.

Once they’d stopped laughing, Reddit users had quite a lot to say about her efforts.

It would be awful to be murdered by her.

I think you’ll be mildly inconvenienced rather than murdered.

Every nail in the house can rest easy.

Does she only have one eye?

I mean if she goes on like that she will.

It’s like she’s afraid the phone’s gonna bite.

Is she a stormtrooper?

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like an old wall mounted phone.

And she looks so proud at the end …

She should be! She survived.

This level of athleticism will be the first to be lost to the landshark invasion.

Go on, off to the optician with you then.

That phone has a promising career in boxing, look at the way it can Bob and weave already.

kangabolic felt those skills were strangely familiar.

She must be related to my wife.

I’ve learned over the years that if my wife goes to throw something at me (playing around, no one freak out), I am always the safest if I freeze and don’t move. No matter how close she is to me, if I’m standing still she can’t hit me… I think she’s part T-Rex… but also part Chihuahua because she’s only 5ft tall but thinks she’s 10 foot 6.


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