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This guy called his girlfriend the ‘flavour of the month’ and the stand-up gave it every single barrel

If you watch only one bit of stand-up today, make it this bit, a clip of a guy who was asked about his relationship with his girlfriend and called her his ‘flavour of the month’.

And it’s fair to say stand-up @akaashsinghcomedy didn’t hold back. They really didn’t hold back.


Not gonna disrespect an indian woman like that dawg

♬ original sound – Akaash Singh

Just in case that’s tricky to watch, here it is again on Reddit.

Disrespectful boyfriend gets shut down by comedian
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And it’s at this point we must very much point out that ‘flavour of the month’ was intended as a joke, just in case you were still wondering (and a lot of people suspected …)

Here’s what they guy had to say on Reddit.

‘That’s me. I would like to clarify a few things.

‘We have actually been together over 2 years and are recently engaged. We like to have fun and tease each other. She’s thought the whole thing was funny.

‘We do things like this quite frequently. It’s fun to put each other in funny situations to see what the other person does. There is no malice, it’s just fun for us.’

And to someone who suggested he was a ‘dirtbag’ …

‘That’s me in the video. I’m not a dirt bag lol.

‘We have been together for over 2 years. We have fun by doing weird things like this and putting each other in awkward situations when they come up like this. It’s fun for us. We are fine, she thought it was funny too.’

A-ha! So now it begins to make sense. Sort of. Although he didn’t appear to be having a huge amount of fun by the end of it.

‘Flavor of the month and he when back 24 times.’


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Source u/fkd- TikTok @akaashsinghcomedy