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This Dune/Trump mashup is surely the funniest 68 seconds you’ll spend today

You really don’t need to be a fan of Dune to appreciate this, but it’ll help.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the Sandworm, it’s a colossal worm-like creature that is aggressive, territorial and destructive, attracted by rhythmic sounds and prone to be driven into a killing frenzy.

Donald Trump, on the other hand (stop making up your own jokes!).

Anyway, over to @loloverruled who posted this thing of wonder over on TikTok (warning: mild spoilers!)

@loloverruledPesky Paul♬ original sound – Alex Peter (Lolo)

Absolutely out of this world!

Just in case it’s tricky to watch, here it is again on Twitter.

We can’t stop watching.

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Source TikTok @loloverruled H/T Twitter @tomrahme9