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An American said he invented ‘bottle night’ with his girlfriend and the entirety of Britain replied as one

To the world of Collin Rutherford now – don’t forget the double L – an American entrepreneurial type who’s been and gone on Twitter to share his lockdown invention with his girlfriend, something they’re calling ‘bottle night’.

But that’s enough from us, over to Collin (double L) Rutherford.

‘Do you know what a “bottle night” is? Probably not, because my gf and I invented it during a 2023 blizzard in Buffalo, NY.

‘We lock our phones away, turn the TV off… Each grab a bottle of wine, and talk.

‘That’s it, we simply talk and enjoy each other’s presence.

‘We live together, but it’s easy to miss out on “quality time”.

‘What do you think? Do you have other methods for enjoying quality time with your partner?’

And it prompted no end of replies as you might have imagined.

But surely the loudest of responses came from British people everywhere, whose response can be best summed up with this one.

And this one!

To conclude …

Source @collin_ruth89