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Five favourite times The Good Liars went wildly viral – as chosen by the Good Liars themselves!

Few people nail what’s going on in the US right now better than American political comedy duo The Good Liars.

Otherwise known as Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, they have been doing their magnificent thing since they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement back in the day.

They are fearless, funny and totally on the money.

Not only that, they’ve got a new podcast out, which is why we’ve invited them to be our very first guest columnists, sharing with us their five favourite videos and a word or two about their podcast (and where you can hear it).

Over to Jason and Davram …

1. DeSantis Participation Trophy

‘We were so happy we got to honor Ron for his outstanding efforts in the 2024 Election.

‘Sure he didn’t win (or come close to it) but we think it’s pretty cool that he tried so hard. We’ll talk more about this in our podcast episode on the Iowa Caucus.’


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2. Hammers Kill More People Than Guns

‘We’ve had some memorable videos from various NRA conventions.

‘This video came from Houston, only a few days after the Uvalde shooting. It didn’t temper people’s enthusiasm for guns, and unsurprisingly, it didn’t stop people from spreading misinformation about them.

‘After this man claimed that “hammers kill more people than guns” and we promptly fact-checked him, he still said he was going to keep telling people because “that’s what I heard.” We look forward to doing a few podcast episodes on the NRA conventions we’ve attended.’


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3. Trump is President and Obama is in Charge

‘This just happened a couple of days ago and really made us laugh.

‘These conspiracies must sound great to people in their living rooms or at the local bar with their friends, but it’s always interesting when the theories don’t stand up to any scrutiny at all. If Trump is still President, how would Obama still be in charge?’


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4. We All Have Our Own Sun

‘We’ve been all over the country at some of the most intense political events over the past decade — including January 6th. That’s why we like this video.

‘It’s outside the world of politics but just as baffling as anything we’ve ever seen.’


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5. Tom Steyer Lawyer Commercial

‘Has Tom Steyer hit you with his car? You might be entitled to a large cash sum! This prank is one of our favorites of all time.

‘Next week on our podcast we’ll discuss what happened behind the scenes with this prank, but we will say that we were surprised someone tried to throw a punch at us for it. We’d also like to thank Tom for giving a perfect reaction.’


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The pair’s new podcast is called The Good Liars Tell The Truth and here’s what they have to say about it.

‘We’re really excited about our podcast, The Good Liars Tell The Truth.

‘We’ve been traveling the country for years, going to various political events and pranking politicians and we’ve seen some truly unbelievable things.

‘This podcast is our chance to share the truth about all of it – our favorite interviews, the stories from the road and the truth about our interactions with some of the biggest names in politics.

‘We’re also looking forward to welcoming guests from the worlds of comedy and politics to dumpster dive this crazy country at such a wild time.

‘We hope people will join us for free on all of the podcast platforms as well as at HeroHero.co/TheGoodLiars where subscribers can get bonus episodes along with other exclusive content.’

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