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The Daily Mail said Aaron Taylor-Johnson is too woke to play Bond and this response was licensed to kill

To the movies now, where Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the hot tip to take over from Daniel Craig as the new James Bond.

You might know the British actor from his roles in films such as Kick-Ass, Nocturnal Animals and Nowhere Boy, and very excited people were too (we’ve rounded up 17 killer reactions here).

Well, not everyone was excited. And when we say not everyone, who we really mean is the Daily Mail, which has this to say on its front page on Wednesday.

The very thought!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more peak Daily Mail, along comes the headline on the inside pages.

‘A self-declared feminist who grows his own kale – and is happiest playing house-husband to his famous director wife (who’s 24 years his senior) – is Aaron Taylor-Johnson the most right-on 007 ever?’

The only bit that’s missing is how much their house is worth (in the piece, presumably).

And while there were lots of great responses …

Only one of them left us both shake AND stirred.


To conclude …


Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be the next James Bond and the internet was shaken, not stirred – 17 favourite reactions

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