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This woman’s weird pose was unintentionally funny, but the parody was absolutely hilarious

We’re not in the market for a laser cutting machine, but we are interested in this woman’s marketing choices.

@triplelrusticdesigns This is our @Thunder Laser Nova 51 laser! This machine is absolutely incredible!! What kind of projects would you make with this laser in your shop!? #laser #thunderlaser #thundernova #thundernova51 ♬ original sound – TripleLRusticDesigns

TikTok users in the comments were as baffled as we were by that pose, but dentist and funny person Dr. Brady Smith might have got to the bottom of it.


Cake: A Love Story

♬ original sound – Drbrady

We’re definitely more interested in the cake than the laser. Here’s how people reacted.

I thought she was doing an ad for some kind of leg press machine. The Thunder thigh nova.

I was wondering what my fyp was serving me but then the stitch made me understand I was in the right place.

That’s how I stand when I’m explaining something too.

I legit thought she was going to tell us how the machine helps with glute building.
My Name Is

guess I need to buy a thunder nova don’t have a clue what they do …
Andrew J Lewis

I am never leaving this app.
Da Dera

I am crying laughing on the metro.
Sarah Lorincz

Who doesn’t love cake.
Jordan Ryver

Is the Laser in the room with us?
Aphrodite Queen

Perfect response.
Hasaan Qadir

Alexis Farrington250 had high praise for Dr. Brady.

Dr.Brady is quickly becoming my fav TikTok creator.

John Bailey had a request.

We need more of these in different places. Immediately.

Funnily enough …


Corn Dogs: A Love Story

♬ original sound – Drbrady


The clip of this guy caught doing a ‘James Bond’ pose live on BBC News is today’s best thing

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