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People are sharing the dumbest things they once believed – 17 absolute doozies

A Redditor named u/lilCRONOS asked a good question.

What is the dumbest thing someone made you believe to be true that you later found out it isn’t?

We’ve all believed stupid things – if you swallow a pip it’ll grow in your stomach, mountain goats have two legs longer on one side, Boris Johnson had an oven-ready deal. Maybe not that last one.

We picked some of the best answers, but it’s worth having a look at the full thread.


When I was little my sister told me tofu was koala meat n I believed it for years
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My dad would tell me he can make red lights turn green just by pressing the garage door opener. I didn’t believe him but every time he did it, it worked. Still didn’t believe him but I couldn’t figure out how he was doing it.

When I got older and learned to drive, I realized he was just looking at the other lights in the intersection to time out when to press the opener.


That if you swallowed a watermelon seed a watermelon would grow inside your stomach.


Told my wife the channel tunnel has a 2 mile middle part which is see through so you can watch the fish as you pass through. Completely forgot until about 5 years later when we used the tunnel and she was gutted she didn’t see any fish.


My cousins told me that in the Blackpool Tower kids play area, the Jungle Gym I think it was called, that if you jumped in a specific spot in the ball pool you’d go through a trap door into a secret room. Spent the whole of the time we were in there on a school trip trying to find it and didn’t have time for anything else. Bastards.


My dad told me it was illegal for kids to drink coffee and I didn’t question it until I was 16.


My mum told me that if you fall down a sewer manhole then you turn into a ninja turtle
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My dad made me believe, that one of the bridges in our city gets pulled into a nearby tunnel when it rains in order to avoid it getting wet.


As a kid, my father told me Tapioca was fish eggs.