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The extra ‘disgusting’ detail in this Greg James Roald Dahl adaptation is so misjudged it’s completely off the scale

The more we try to think how this can possibly have happened, the further away we get from an answer.

It’s a new ‘adapation’ of Roald Dahl’s The Twits by Radio 1 DJ Greg James and sidekick Chris Smith, but that’s not the half (or even a hundredth of it).

The publisher did a Twitter reveal on Friday, containing one particular feature of a character to make them even more ‘disgusting’. And it’s so misjudged it’s completely off the scale.

The video was subsequently taken down – so here’s a transcript – for reasons that are about to become jaw-droopingly obvious.

‘What do you think?

‘So nearly there.

‘She needs to be more revolting. Really gross. Horrible. What about him? This guy, great really good, love the flies around the head. More flies.

‘Beard. Beard needs to be bigger. Dirtier, bigger and dirtier. Flies, excellent, we’re nearly there. Love it.

‘And what about a glass eye?

‘A glass eye.

‘She needs. A glass eye. That’s it.

‘What a disgusting pair of twits!’

And we might very well be guilty of overusing the phrase ‘and the internet spoke as one’ but in this case, the internet really did speak as one.

Here is what the RNIB had to say.

100% that.


Here’s what Greg James had to say about it later on Friday.

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