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‘Those who are dating very attractive, what is it like?’ 17 very funny and entirely unrelatable responses

Over on Reddit people have been sharing what it’s like to date someone ‘very attractive’ (and, by implication, much more attractive than you). Not you, necessarily … just probably.

Anyway, before we get bogged down any further, here’s the question teendreamred had for the good people of AskReddit.

‘Those who are dating very attractive people, what is it like?’

These 18 people shared their own experiences and they were occasionally eye-opening, often very funny, and never, ever remotely relatable (there’s a reason our name’s not on this).


‘I’ve been standing at a bar talking to her and a random girl came up and did the body block/initiate conversation thing to “save” her from me.’


‘People treat her very nicely and they also treat me nice but only when I’m with her lol.’


‘My wife is very pretty, and a few years younger than me. We were at a club pre-Covid and I whispered a bad joke in her ear, she rolled her eyes and walked away.

‘Some other dudes saw it and thought I just got rejected, took pity on me and bought me some drinks while we talked about radiohead and D&D.’


‘I remember my engagement photos. Big, juiced up photographer, “YOU are the groom?”

‘Kinda fun.’


‘Years ago, I brought my girlfriend (now wife) to Texas to meet my mom for the first time. Everything went normally.

‘The first time my mom and I were alone, she turned to me and said, “You must be really good in bed.”


‘My drill sergeant after seeing my wife pulled me out of ranks in front of 3 battalions and asked me who she was. When I replied she was my wife he said what is this? Be kind to animals week? Did I win the lottery? ‘


‘My wife is way out of my league. When we started dating and going places this is how interactions would go.

‘Staff – Hello there, what can I get for you?

‘My wife – I’ll have such and such

‘Staff – And for her friend? (me).

‘Happened so many times lol.’


‘I once dated a guy “out of my league” and the reality is that I was very insecure and felt uncomfortable when we went out to places where there were many pretty girls because I felt that I wasn’t enough for him and that he’d look at another girl who was really pretty.

‘In the end that did happen, but my insecurity didn’t make me enjoy the relationship. Thank God I am working on that in therapy.’


‘Her “friends” trying to get her to come to her senses and dump me.

’15 years and 2 kids later, none of those friends are left.

‘EDIT Ha! I just realized how dark that sounds.

‘Fuck it, I’m leaving the original here too.

‘I mean, none of them remain as friends.

‘Though a few have died in unfortunate car accidents.’