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Either Donald Trump’s teleprompter broke or he was pausing for dramatic effect, but either way it’s a fabulously funny 30 seconds

We wouldn’t ordinarily whisk you to the National Rifle Association convention in Texas – not even when Donald Trump was speaking – but there was a most peculiar moment during the once (and future?) president’s speech which has just gone wildly viral.

It’s the moment Trump basically stopped speaking for 30 seconds or so, prompting speculation that his teleprompter had broken down. The alternative – that he actually planned it – is surely even less likely. Isn’t it?

Either way it makes for a very funny 30 seconds …

If they really did plan that for dramatic effect then they should probably blame a dodgy teleprompter to save their blushes.

And here are just a few of the many things people said about it.

Source @BidenHQ