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This guy brilliantly nailed the water companies’ scandal in 45 seconds flat on Question Time and had everyone applauding

As no-one anywhere needs reminding, the nation’s water industry is in a mess, with parasites in the Devon drinking water, sewage spills doubling last year making people scared to go into the sea, Thames Water on the verge of going bust and of course dividends to shareholders going only one way. Up.

And we mention all this not just to make you angrier than you probably already were, but because one particular audience member in the Question Time audience absolutely nailed the scandalous state our water – and the people who purport to safeguard it – finds itself in today.

And it’s very much worth 45 seconds of your time.

We’d raise a glass to that, if only we could be sure it was safe to drink.

To conclude …

If you’re still in the mood for a slightly deeper dive, there’s a good opinion piece from the Guardian here.


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