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Mishal Husain magnificently owning Nigel Farage is a supremely satisfying listen

In case you haven’t heard by now – only kidding – Nigel Farage is going to run for parliament after all as the new leader of Reform UK.

Farage, who said he absolutely, definitely, 100% wouldn’t be running, unceremoniously elbowed Richard Tice (who he?) aside in a bid to make it to the Commons at the eighth – count ’em – time of asking.

And he’s been all over the media today, obviously, and if you only listen to one exchange then make it this one, with Radio 4’s estimable Mishal Husain.

Farage was wanging on about how ‘no-one speaks English’ in Oldham and Husain basically does it all over him, and it’s a proper joy.

Bravo, Mishal Husain!

It wasn’t the pair’s only memorable exchange today.

To conclude …

And this.


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