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Trump just trolled ‘horrible’ Milwaukee and guess where the Republican convention is next month? 11 vote-winning responses

Another day, another crazy Donald Trump news cycle.

According to reporting, Trump told a closed-doors gathering of Republicans that Milwaukee is “a horrible city”.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) June 13, 2024

Which makes things a tad awkward considering that the Republican party is due to take over the Wisconsin city next month for the Republican National Convention, at which Trump will be officially named the party’s presidential nominee.

Oh, and there’s also the small fact that Wisconsin is a critical swing state for Trump to win if he hopes to return to the White House.

Predictably, as is often the case with Trump, there are “alternate facts” about the story.

Or perhaps there’s simply more than one reason Trump thinks it’s a horrible city?

Still, that hasn’t stopped people from jumping on the story to defend Milwaukee.

And who better to give the final word on the matter than Alice Cooper?


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