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People are planning their election results party with this inspired Conservative Wipeout Bingo card

After 14 years of Tory rule – if you include the coalition government (which we do) – it’s fair to say that a lot of people have had enough. A simple glance at the polls confirms that.

This is how that looks on a map.

We haven’t seen that much red in one place since Liverpool won the Champions League.

As the political pundits keep reminding us, the only poll that counts is the general election – but that doesn’t mean people aren’t getting just a little bit excited about seeing Tories lose their seats, and the excellent Chris Barker had an idea.

 a sheet with all the tory candidates

The same picture on a wall over a desk

A portion of the picture with some of the candidates crossed off.

If that’s not worth buying a dabber for, we don’t know what is. Obviously, the candidates crossed off are currently just examples of what could happen. Chris isn’t laying claims to any psychic powers.

The chart has gone straight onto many people’s must-have lists for the big night, along with snacks, drinks and party poppers. This is what some of them have been saying.












Inevitably, not everybody wanted to stop at bingo.

This is good advice.

Other parties’ candidates might also crash and burn, but if you want those bingo cards, you’ll probably have to make them yourself. If you want Chris’s Conservative version, you can get one here.


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