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Rishi Sunak threw a wobbly after Nick Ferrari kept asking the same question and it’s a most revealing few seconds

Politicians don’t get where they are by being real people. That’s the very last thing they do.

But every now and again the mask slips and you get a glimpse of the real person – it happened a few times with Boris Johnson back in the day.

And we might just have seen a similar moment with Rishi Sunak on Nick Ferrari’s LBC phone-in today, when a caller rang in to ask about food banks and what they say about the state of the country right now.

Ferarri was keen to point out to Sunak just how many there are in the UK today – 1,200 – and what Sunak was going to do about it.

And he kept reminding Sunak of the figure so much that the PM – at the time of going to press – finally appeared to lose it (click forward to 1m 30s if you want to cut to the chase).

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

It didn’t end much better …

And just in case you were wondering about that old Boris Johnson moment from back in the day …

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