This Argentinian fizzy drink advert just gets better and better

An old advert for H2Oh carbonated drinks has cropped up again – and it’s well worth a watch.

The description given to the ad was –

‘Inviting the boyfriend to a family dinner is one of the most important moments for an adolescent. The family members grow braids (like the girl) every time the boy scores a point with the family.

The boyfriend is like H2Oh!, loved by the entire family.’

Check it out.

if only I have rizz like that
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The dad’s second braid is the icing on the cake. The ad was so good, it won gold at the advertising Cannes Lions awards in 2011 for the BBDO agency that created it.

It was new to most Redditors, and they loved it.

This made me laugh harder than I expected.

The setup when you know the joke that everyone is getting a braid, and they cut to the last family member and it’s the bald dad and you know it’s gonna be good!

Definitely a sign of well executed comedy when you can see it coming and it’s still great.

Some of the most unpretentious humor out there.

Not gonna lie, this was a WTF in the first half but a LOL by the end.

Yep, we have weird ass ads in Argentina.

What are they advertising, my guess is fake braids?

So I just have to learn to play/dance tango/rock and go to med school.

For the older generation …

What the f**k does Rizz mean?


The advert got the thumbs up, but fuminee had this to say about the drink.

It’s ok. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s like putting flavor powder in sparkling water lol.

No wonder they needed to pull out all the stops for the ad.


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