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This bigoted Waitrose shopper got just the magnificent response she deserved and it’s straight off the top shelf

Such are the delightful exchanges that you occasionally overhear in Waitrose that there’s a corner of Facebook devoted to them.

This isn’t from there but it definitely should be, a conversation from back in the day that began when a woman asked a fellow shopper with some help to get to a hard to reach item.

And we share it because it’s just been going viral again on Twitter and it’s a proper treat.

And just in case that’s tricky to read in full.

‘So basically a lady came over and asked me if I could reach rack of ribs from top shelf as she couldn’t find any member of staff to help.

‘So I was like sure, then I gave it to her and then she went can I say something?

‘Expecting her to say thank you.

‘And she said I was dragging down the standards of Waitrose walking around with my tattoos out.

‘So I got the ribs out the trolley, put them back on top shelf.

‘Started huffing and puffing.

‘I just walked away.’

Straight off the top shelf!

Could there have been more perfect response? No, there couldn’t.

And if it’s put you in the mood for more of this sort of thing, check out our Waitrose round-up here.


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