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This doctor’s surgical dismantling of a right-wing bigot’s pseudo-science should be available on prescription

There’s something very satisfying about seeing bigotry, masquerading as science, being dismantled by actual science, and that’s something that TikToker Dr. Eric Burnett@dr.eric.b – is very good at.

He spotted the oft-banned @bannedbeard4, who is on his 28th TikTok account due to repeated violations, spouting some BS that was visible from space about Liv=beralism being ‘a mental disorder’.

Dr Eric was more than a match.

@dr.eric.b #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Eric

We love it when they bring receipts to a public takedown. So did these people.

As a chemist, I also never understood what “one molecule away” was even supposed to mean.

If the Dunning-Kruger effect was a person.

If something was made up of 100% cholesterol would it not just be…. cholesterol lol.

I gave up at “mylum“.

He’s the smartest one in his own car! Confidently inaccurate

I’ve always thought that round-a-bouts are a leading cause of tornadoes.

That was one long path to prove he had no idea what he was talking about?!

If I’m devoid of cholesterol why do I have to take meds to control my high cholesterol?

Every second I watch this it gets more fun.

Where does he think the herbivores that we eat get their cholesterol?

The way people make statements with so much conviction that they believe it. Worse is that someone who doesn’t know or care to verify information will believe it.

The epitome of “makes sense if you don’t think about it”.

I had to pause it at “studies coming out of the psychological world”.

Gosh. He was so close.

That was absolutely wild to watch. Thank you for all the interruptions hahahaha.

And he was DEAD SERIOUS with all of that.

That. Was. Nuts.
Alissa Schneider Fior

shelley bean added another scientific perspective.

Even if margarine was one molecule away from being plastic, one molecule can make all the difference one example H²O vs. H²O²


This doctor’s hilarious takedown of an anti-vaxxer over Covid is supremely satisfying

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