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Sarah Cooper made Trump’s weird rant about boat batteries and sharks bearable with a savage lip-sync

At some point in his recent history, Donald Trump revealed a serious obsession with the dilemma of staying on a sinking electric boat and being electrocuted or getting into the water and being eaten by a waiting shark.

Here he is, posing the problem to his fans at a rally in Las Vegas.

If you haven’t heard this before, you’re in for a very weird treat.

He has shared his choice of electrocution over death by shark – possibly the most reasonable choice we’ve seen him make – on at least three occasions, and we will almost certainly hear it many times more.

The wonderful Sarah Cooper, whose lip-syncs of Donald Trump’s stranger moments kept us all so entertained during lockdown, spotted the opportunity to do the funniest thing. This –


How to boat

♬ original sound – midnightspeak

She’s back, baby!

No one can do this like Sarah Cooper. She really drives home the point of the absurdity.

A boat sank from its weight?? When does that happen? How do aircraft carriers stay afloat? Heavy!

He thinks ” I’ve never heard that ?” is a compliment.

Wait is this real?!?! he said this?

The only time I can bear to listen to him is when I’m watching you. Thank you for this.
Susan Collins

Well, gosh, when you put it that way it sounds like insane ramblings.

He had an uncle who taught there about 70yrs ago. THAT is his relationship to MIT.

Inevitably, it found its way to Twitter/X, where it got even more love.








Laura Brown spoke for many people.

Can Sarah please come over and lip-sync Nigel Farage?


We regret to inform you that Trump has been wanging on about sharks again – 11 killer takedowns

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