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The look on Emily Maitlis’s face having to listen to Nadine Dorries surely spoke for the nation

We’re big fans of Emily Maitlis and much as we enjoy her podcast we do wish she was still doing her magnificent thing over on Newsnight.

But she was back on the box last night as part of Channel 4’s election night coverage alongside Krishnan Guru-Murthy with guest panellists including … Nadine Dorries.

And it’s fair to say not everyone was impressed.

And when we say ‘not everyone’ we can perhaps include Maitlis herself who, while always the consummate pro, obviously, perhaps wasn’t having her best time dealing with the former Conservative MP and Boris Johnson’s number one fan.

And the look on her face here surely spoke for the nation.

And in close-up!

Wins our vote.


Alastair Campbell brutally owning Nadine Dorries over Boris Johnson was spectacular TV (and you don’t even have to like Alistair Campbell)

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