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18 shockingly sincere things people think America does better than any other country

“not paying to use a restroom. I just paid 1€ to empty my bladder”

“I’m an American living in Canada.
I can tell you with no uncertainty that Americans are just better at hamburgers.
I hate the stereotype, but it’s true. Even the places here that are allowed to cook their meat to temperature (Canada has strict rules about meat handling, so most places just cook them all ‘well done’) don’t really understand all of the other stuff that’s supposed to go on a good burger. Whole wheat bun with kale is just fucking gross and I’ve seen it more than a few times. America just has the right mixture of ignorance of consequences, indulgence, culture, and availability of ingredients that hamburgers are just… better.”

“Scrolled a bit and surprised nobody’s said it, but the ADA and building codes to accommodate disabilities is genuinely pretty great. A lot to improve on still, but it’s actually world class and even Western Europe doesn’t come close to us in that regard.”

“Second chances. A lot of our most successful people bounced back from failure. In east Asia, business failures typically don’t get second chances, so you can’t really learn from failure. You either have to start off with all the wisdom that others learn from having tried and failed, or you have to be really lucky.
This sort of culture around business makes entrepreneurs risk averse compared to the US, so the US is also better for risk taking in new business concepts and models in a way that many other cultures are not.”

The US is unmatched by anyone in the world in two things: 1 – Landing people on the moon and returning them safely to the Earth. 2 – Putting cheese like products in spray cans.

“As a European, my answer to this is stand up comedy, Male, Female, White ,Black, whatever you mention America has just the most incredible people in the world of standup.
I feel it genuinely is America’s true art form, its the best part of U.s culture for me.”

“Ice in beverages.”

“Advertising. No… I hate this, but seriously. We advertise like no where else. And the level of detail because of lax consumer protection laws is insane.”

“It is so refreshing to see the positive feedback in this feed overwhelm the negative feedback about what’s happening in America…I haven’t been this proud of where I live in a while because of all the negative shit that fills most of the space but then I see feeds like this that show how fucking awesome it is to be living here in America during this day and time. Truly grateful. I’m proud to be an American.”

Source: Reddit r/askreddit.