Reality Shows Running Out Of Morons

TV News: Producers of reality shows say the UK is getting ‘dangerously low’ on dead-eyed, babbling morons who are desperate to appear on TV.

“In order to keep the strong tradition of reality TV alive in the UK we need a constant supply of morons who are willing to be exploited,” said one reality show producer.

“And that supply is close to exhausted. We predict that unless we produce fresh cretins soon, shows will be forced to reuse the same morons three, possibly four times. By the fourth time there’s a dangerous chance viewers will no longer be sneering at them – and may in fact start to feel sorry for the morons.”

For the last couple of years broadcasters have had to import American and Australian morons, in order to fill up airtime on various Freeview channels, but producers say this supply is also running dangerously low.

“There are more reality shows than there are fresh morons in the world,” said another producer. “At this point our only back up plan is to cast new reality shows with geese. And there are laws about the treatment of geese, unlike morons.”