Office Fridge Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity By United Nations

Food News: The contents of an office fridge may face prosecution for crimes against humanity, after a shocking investigation by the U.N.


The fridge, on the third floor kitchenette of a marketing company in Reading, has been accused by the United Nations of being home to things ‘so vile and replellent’ that it is ‘singularly responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses since the second world war’.

“It might sound like a huge overstatement, but this fridge is literally worse than Hitler,” said senior U.N inspector Dr. Vieze Rotzooi.

“None of the inspectors has ever seen anything like it before – some carrier bags stuffed in the bottom of the fridge contained things so abhorrent most of the team had to receive counseling.”

“The jar of what was once conceivably chutney lurking at the back is grounds alone to see the fridge on trial at the Hauge. And the state of the Tupperware harbouring some possibly-salmon means it will have to be destroyed in a country with far less strict environmental laws as the U.K.”