Queen Pays Tribute To The Ultimate Warrior

Royal News: Queen Elizabeth paid an emotional tribute the wrestler at a state event last night, by donning facepaint and smashing a chair over Prince Philip’s head.


The Ultimate Warrior, who died recently aged 54, was said to be one of the Queen’s favourite WWE stars. Aside from the facepaint in tribute to the wrestler, it’s reported the Queen also insisted fellow guests only refer to her as ‘The Ultimate Monarch’.

In a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, the Queen said: “The Ultimate Warrior was the single most iconic WWE Superstar ever.”

“I still remember the atmosphere on that memorable April night in 1990 when I saw him beat Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI. Anyone lucky enough to witness his signature multiple running clotheslines will appreciate what a truly talented sportsman he was.”

“I look above to the Gods, and when you fall below the skeletons of the Warriors past, the power of the Warriors will become the Eighth Wonder of the World!”