This viral 14-second clip of a rollercoaster is a wild ride from start to finish

Some of the best things on the internet are blink-and-you miss-it type clips, such as the moment that panda sneezes, the frisbee-chasing dog smashing into the camera or Michael Gove falling on his arse. This clip of a rider’s-eye-view of a rollercoaster is short, but oh so very sweet.

Featuring Smashing Pumpkins’ song ‘1979’ as sung by frontman Billy Corgan, the “weeeeeeeeeeeeee” is perfectly timed and a moment of pure internet genius. Although @stellamelos‘ video has been out in the world for almost a year, it only recently went viral when it was shared on Twitter by someone named @airbagged.

The clip has had almost four and a half million views in the few days since it was posted, with some very appreciative comments, like these:

Oddly, it’s impossible to tell Billy Corgan enjoys rollercoasters so much when you see him on one.

Source: YouTube
H/T: Twitter