A friend fixed this guy’s shower head with unexpectedly forceful results

Well, that was (presumably) unexpected, a guy whose friend suggested a modification or two to his new shower head, all in the admirable name of water conservation.

Except the results were unexpectedly forceful. How forceful? This much, in a video that went viral on Reddit after it was shared by Orukuro-San.

Thats no water. Its a lazer from r/funny

He’s going to need a licence for that thing.

‘Might wanna get a watermelon to test the bidet before using it again … just sayin’.’ hlsinc

‘Kids these days. Skin too soft from all that avocado toast. When I was your age, we showered underneath waterfalls.’ BeyondTheGr4ve

“No, Mister Bond. I expect you to die…” virgilreality


This optical illusion is a proper jaw-dropper and it took us far too long to see it

Source Reddit u/Orukuro-San