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This guy’s furious with his ‘too small’ TV and it’s a very funny read

The latest in an occasional series, facepalm of the week, is this guy who’s not happy that he’s been sold a ‘too small’ TV.

He’s not happy at all, and this is why, as shared by morbidru over on Reddit.

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

False advertisement

Purchased the Samsung 8 series TU8000 50″. After unpacking found that the 50″ I purchased was actual 44″. How’s that! The box is only 49″ there no way with the foam protection the TV could be 50″. See pictures and video. This is a scam.

I need my money or a 50″ Samsung TV.

Are you going to tell him, or are we?

‘Why not measure it vertically and really get fired up?’

“This 50 inch is only a 24 inch!!”

‘I hope the 2 other people holding the tape measure knew and just wanted to see this person make an ass of themselves.’

Just in case you were wondering …

‘When I worked retail, this would come up every so often. I would explain to people why it’s measured that way, and it has to so with the first CRT TVs screens being round. Diameter measurements were the only way you could measure them efficiently.

‘When screens became more rectangular, the measurements switched to diagonal. It sounds more impressive, and it’s more efficient, since screens can be described with just one number, instead of two.’

And finally.

‘Just wait until till he measures the iPad he is taking pictures with lol.’


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Source Reddit u/morbidru