This hilarious letter to the New York Times proves that even anti-vaxxers can change

A letter in Tuesday’s New York Times throws epic shade at anti-vaxxers in the best way.

When Redditors saw u/hkpp’s post, they were very much here for the clever Mr. Flynn’s delightful snark.

Are you smarter than a kindergartner?

I choose to believe he went to a kindergarten school and saw how gross kids are. Everything from picking and eating their boogers to eating mud and sand, biting each other… And that’s just my niece.

Well played, Mr. Flynn. Well played indeed.

Tweeters loved it too.

Another Patrick used the letter wisely.

Feel free to do likewise.


This newspaper letter went wildly viral and it’s the perfect response to covidiots

Source NY Times H/T Reddit Image Reddit Mufid Majnun on Unsplash