The design meetings for public toilets might have gone something like this

Ryan George has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about public toilets, and we’re grateful for his sacrifice. The Canadian actor and comedian is the master of creating sketches about firsts – like the First Guy to Ever be a Sports Mascot and the First Guy Ever to Wear Contact Lenses.

This time, however, he takes us back to how the design meeting might have gone before they created the first public toilets.

YouTube users related hard – and had even more suggestions for what might have gone down at the meeting. Mostly less creepy, though.

“And there should be at least two sinks, but only one soap dispenser. So if you’re forced to use the far one, you have to get really close to touching me while I’m using the close one.”
Sarina T

“And let’s add sinks with sensors that will only clean your hands for about 3 seconds and then won’t turn back on.”

“How should the sinks be?”

“We should make it so one sink has very high pressure so it sprays all over you and the rest have very low pressure.”
The Golden Commenter

Also there could be automatic toilets that just kinda flush whenever so it can be a fun surprise game of “will it flush and spray my butt or won’t it?”
Rogue Star

– and what should we put on the floors and walls?
– extremely polished tile. Shine it up like a mirror! You need to be able to make direct eye contact with your neighbor at all times.


A RANDOM WEEB made this comment.

The fact that Ryan made this during spooktober instead of “The guy who invented haunted houses” shows just how terrifying public bathroom stalls are.

Can’t argue with that.


Being a robber in 2020 is complicated

Source Ryan George Image myjanitors on Pixabay, Screengrab