This older dog keeps its puppy housemate in check in the best way

This clip posted to Reddit by u/1q8b shows how older dogs can keep the young ones in check – especially if there’s a treat at stake.

Redditors had a few thoughts.

Momma doesn’t mess around when it comes to her treats.

Free lifehack. “You don’t get a treat until she finishes doing my taxes.”

This is so incredible haha. The pup’s expression after too is just great. It’s like watching a cartoon.

You can see how important it is that dogs interact with other older dogs to learn socially acceptable behaviour

You could see the pup look up at the older and realize “ah this is what we do”

Lol I love how she handled her kid while never taking her eyes off you.

u/Voiles saw an unexpected benefit.

Train a dog and you get a trained dog. Train a dog to train other dogs and you never have to train a dog again.


These dogs getting furious playing ‘catch the carrot’ is 34 seconds very well spent

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