Tom Holland shared this brutally funny story about his brother’s minor role in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Ahead of the imminent release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, actors Tom Holland and Zendaya have been promoting the film with journalists, bloggers and chat show hosts.

When they appeared on The Graham Norton Show, Tom shared this tale of setting up his younger brother Harry with some extra work on the film.

It’s typical sibling savagery, and we’re here for it.

YouTube users had this to say about it.

He is such a great storyteller! I could probably listen to him read a dictionary and be entertained

This is how villains are born… Tom’s laughing now until Harry becomes the new Goblin.

Tom in full savage mode towards the end “sucks to be you bro.”
Tyra Popovich

Haha… we can all relate to this! When someone says your lot isn’t that difficult and then they get in your situation and they’re like sorry that really did suck.

As someone named sk pointed out –

‘Harry probably just found out here because he was in the audience 😭’

Extra sibling brutality points to Tom for that reveal.

You can see Spider-Man: No Way Home in cinemas from Wednesday.


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