‘What made you NOT want a second date with someone?’ – 23 proper horror shows

It’s only natural that not every first date will go as well as you would have liked. If they did then you wouldn’t have had so many first dates.

But fortunately not many of them go quite so wrong as the 23 proper horror shows people shared after Redditor Anime_Reaper_Girl asked this.

“Men and women of reddit, what made you NOT want a second date with someone?”

And the answers came pouring in, mostly terrifying and occasionally very funny. Enjoy these 23 proper horror shows (and be grateful it wasn’t you).


‘She showed up at the bar already so drunk that she could not walk without my assistance. She drove herself there. It was 2 in the afternoon. She wanted to continue drinking as soon as we met there.’

‘There are red flags and then there are RED FLAGS. Yikes.’

‘And then there are red lights. Which she probably drove through.’


‘She spoke really loudly all through the movie in the theater yet hushed at anyone who made the tiniest of sounds.’


‘Showed me his giant back tattoo of a demonic jack in the box while in a bookstore, a date location he picked and I foolishly thought we might have interesting discussion on reading. Turns out, he rarely read and it was just the only place in my city he was familiar with.’


‘Met a girl on a dating site. We chatted about two weeks, got along pretty well. She invites me to come to her place for a date.

‘When I get there, theres a U-haul truck outside. Turns out she’s in the middle of packing up and moving to another state, and just wanted help with the heavy lifting. She hadnt mentioned any of this in our conversations.

‘At first I thought maybe it was a roommate moving out or something like that. When she made it clear she was the one moving, I just said “Well, good luck with the move then!”, and got the heck out of there.’


‘She had already put our pictures through one of those “what would your baby look like” apps and started talking about how we would raise them.’


‘She was on her phone 60% of the date.

‘Edit: Respect to all those that commented. Figured I’d elaborate more. Met with her for drinks. Following a greeting/smile/hug, her head went back down to her phone. Asked if she wanted to grab something from the bar, and didn’t lift her head when she told me what she wanted, nor did she come to the bar with me. Okay. Shitty. Whatever. I was definitely in a state of mind at the time that I just wanted to try things out, gain experience, roll with the punches.

‘The other 40% of the time was basically her talking about herself. That I can bear with. Not great, but bearable. It happens. That’s part of the idea, get to know the other person. But most of that was about her shitty ex and how terrible their break up was. Sadly no back and fourth or basic conversation edicate. Definitely got out of there politely and soon, never looked back.

‘To be clear because a lot of comments were focused on it – no heartbreak on my end. Purely just a bad date. Happily with someone now.’


‘Not me but happened to my roommate at the time. He had met a girl online, talked to her for about a week and set up a date. They were to meet at the mall and go to a movie across the street.

‘I went with him to the mall (had to pick a few things up) we split and he called me about 10 minutes later. Turns out the girl he was meeting invited two other guys that she also met online because she only had one free day a week and wanted to “explore her options”.’


‘We’d been to lunch a few times but this was the first real romantic date. We met in biology class in college. She was gorgeous and smart and had a smile that could melt diamonds. I was in a group project with her and took her to lunch, and she confessed she had a crush on me.

‘So we kissed before going back to class and made plans for a date and went out that night. And we had a wonderful time.

‘Until about the time she asked me what my “deal-breaker” for dating was. As in, what trait would someone have that would immediately make me break it off. I said something like I wouldn’t date a racist or a puppy-kicker. Someone who had a sociopathic streak, or was mean, stuff like that.

‘She said that she could date all kinds of guys—fat, skinny, black, white, it didn’t matter. The one thing she could not abide, the one kind of guy that she absolutely, positively, would never, ever, like EVER-EVER be with…was a guy with a hairy back.

‘I’m Iranian.

‘The End.’


‘Her boyfriend that I knew nothing about showed up.’


‘She criticized absolutely EVERYTHING. The car I was driving, clothes I was wearing, cologne I chose. We were supposed to go bowling, dinner and then drinks. When an attendant came over to ask if we wanted anything I ordered my snacks and asked if she wanted anything. “You mean you don’t know? What kind of date is this?”

‘Halfway through our game she mentioned I was bringing up the wrong conversation topics. Thankfully my brother called me out of the blue asking to borrow some fishing gear and I played it as work calling me in. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.’


‘This happened last week. When we got to the good old “what you do for a living” she straight up tried to sell me in on her MLM scheme.

‘When I politely noted I wasn’t interested but I’m happy to go back to our previous discussions she got argumentative in the good old salesperson losing a client kind of way. When it was clear the mood was ruined and we weren’t going anywhere from there I stood up, paid for our drinks at the counter, and got out.

‘Bonus points for some of my friends coincidentally sitting at the table behind us (her, I could see them) and giving her weird looks as she was ranting about the “life-changing opportunity”, that pretty much solidified my thoughts


‘When he took my hand and stroked it whilst calling me his “little strawberry”.’