‘What made you NOT want a second date with someone?’ – 23 proper horror shows


‘I had more in common with the chaperone she brought to the ice cream shop, and didn’t seem to have anything to say that wasn’t “as a godly person…”

‘Like, fine you brought someone to make sure I wasn’t a creeper, I understand that … But when you make it very clear that it’s your youth pastor acting as the chaperone, and invite him to sit at our table, then say nothing until the pastor felt bad enough to break the silence to talk to ME…maybe don’t cry and ask why I don’t want a second date?’


‘Nice and simple. A nice girl gets it out of the way early. “I guess I better tell you that I’m going to expect you to stop talking to any other girls you might have in your life.”

‘She then explains yes, everyone, no she’s serious, she gets jealous easily. That one was the only first date I ever ended early. Even the one where the woman brought her little brother I saw through.’


‘My time to shine! Went on a date with a guy, who I have dubbed “PowerPoint guy”. He arrived at our first date (coffee) with a literal presentation of non-negotiable demands he required from a future partner.

‘Including, but not limited to: Must be housewife, produce him two boys and a girl (in that order, gender specified), not work or desire a career, move 500 miles away to live on an acreage in his parents house (like, with them also living there), not have any male friends, BUT he also wanted someone who is open to sleeping with whoever he chose so he could watch.

‘The list goes on. He didn’t ask me a single question about my life or interests. Just spat out this list of stuff and talked about himself for ~2 hours (at which point, I politely bailed). Props to this guy for knowing what he wants… but PowerPoint guy did not land a second date with me. 🤷‍♀️’


‘He lived with his “ex.”


‘It was my first and only blind date which a mutual friend of ours set up. She arrived and parked in a disabled space, got out of the car telling me she uses her nans disabled pass which didn’t sit well with me but carried on anyway.

‘We went bowling and to dinner, she was really rude to the service staff in both places which I found embarrassing and uncomfortable. Cut the dinner short, paid, left and never saw her again.’


‘He kissed me and then started growling like a dog.’


‘Arrived 40 minutes late with no text to say he would be. Turned up with his laptop and said he needs to do some work and gave me some cash to get him a coffee and something I want. I was like “okay sure” and stood in the queue watching him as he put on his headphones and opened his laptop.

‘I came back with the drinks and he said he just needs to finish this and took a call. I just sat there for another 40 minutes with zero conversation and him typing/chatting away. This was a Saturday BTW and he scheduled the time.

‘After he finished he said let’s go to a bar and get a proper drink. We had a chat and I tried to get to know him but he was being an arse. He ordered the drinks and then started having a go at me for not offering to pay and went on a rant about double standards. Tbh I was still pissed off about waiting around for 90 minutes and was not in the mood to pay for his drink Or see him again 🤷🏼‍♀️


‘We went for a 1 hour walk and during that time he let me say about a total of 10 words and spent the rest of the time talking to me about his money or answering his own questions.’


‘He left me at the restaurant with the bill when I was in the bathroom. Last blind date I went on.’


‘She didn’t come to the first one.’


‘I was at the mall one summer day hanging out with some friends. I see this guy who looked like a friend of mine, so I walked up to him only to find that he was not that friend. He was cute, we introduced ourselves, exchanged pleasantries. Gave me his beeper number (I’m old) and we planned to go get coffee sometime. I was a hot spooky chick and he was a hot spooky dude.

‘The day arrived. It turns out he worked at a Red Lobster down the road from my house so I walked over there to meet him after his shift ended. We went to go see The Craft in the second run theatre. We held hands, kissed during the movie. We went to go get coffee after and we chat.

‘”What year are you?” “Going to be a junior this fall.” “Cool, I didn’t go to college.” “College?” “Um… Oh God. How old are you?”

‘So that’s the story about how two strangers VASTLY over/underestimated each other’s ages. I thought he was 17-18, he thought I was around 20. I was 15 and he was 25. He took me right home and we didn’t go out again.

‘Edit: the fact so many of y’all keep saying he was honorable and did the right thing is concerning me. Here’s a friendly reminder that most men in this situation would do the exact same, because most men aren’t intentionally trying to date children anymore than I was trying to date an adult. If you know someone who would “take advantage” of this situation, then you know a straight up predator. Most men are not total creepers.’


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