A 21-year-old Daily Mail clip got its internet predictions comically wrong

A clip from the Daily Mail 21 years ago has had people shaking their heads at how badly it’s aged. Take a look.

“Many teenagers are using the Internet less now than previously, they conclude, and the future of online shopping is limited.”

“They were energised by what you can do on the Net but they have been through all that, and then realised there is more to life in the real world and gone back to it.”

That has to be up there with the record executive who turned down the Beatles, telling their manager –

“Groups of guitars are on their way out.”

Maybe don’t take any betting tips from the Daily Mail.

Redditors pulled no punches.

That’s not a news article, that’s the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail. Say no more. They’d prefer if life had more carrier pigeons and public executions.

When I read the article I was expecting the date to be like 1985.. not 2000 lol.. what a ridiculous report.

Honestly, the guy isn’t wrong. I can’t recall the last time I used the internet. I guess I was one of those that gave up on it.

I heard that they’ve got the internets at the library. I’m going down there to check out a copy and bring it home.

As I read this on a app, from my phone, which is connected to WiFi.

“The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad.” —President of the Michigan Savings Bank, 1903.

They got one thing right, though.

“E-mail, far from replacing other forms of communication, is adding to an overload of information.”


This old ‘helpful’ tip in a magazine hasn’t aged well (and wasn’t exactly great back then)

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