This baker has clearly had enough of scrounging ‘influencers’

The Honeybee Bakery in Glasgow, run by award-winning baker Vittoria, produces stunning cakes, breads, biscuits and confectionery. Here are a few examples – try not to drool on your phone/laptop.




Admit it – you drooled, didn’t you?

The problem with producing such tempting treats, apart from stopping yourself from eating them all, is that everybody will want them – even people who aren’t prepared to pay the full price.

Over on Reddit’s r/ChoosingBeggars forum, u/Poverty123 has shared a very telling photo from the bakery that needs to be shown to every social media ‘influencer’ considering trying to get something for nothing, and the ‘Would you do it for this much?’ brigade.

Good luck haggling over the price of a steak in your local restaurant. Redditors loved the clear statement, and were pretty irate about the idiots who make things like that necessary.

I can see a bunch of entitled idiots, I mean influencers get all up in arms about the amount of (supposed) work they must do to get your brand “out there.”

“You’re an influencer? Pfft. You can’t be much of an influencer if I’ve never heard of you.”

Kudos for your sister standing up for herself. Influencers are a waste of air.

This should become a template for any other work that has to deal with the exposure crap, so beautifully done <3

I just sent this to a friend that bakes cakes on the side. The shit people try to pull is disgraceful.

I’m a cake decorator. Most customers are very sensible but every now and then you’ll get a Karen who’s just shocked that I can’t make the $200 cake she found on Pinterest for $30 by tomorrow for her little Breigh-Lyyne’s second birthday party.

There’s always a silver lining – sort of.

Now to be fair… If you work only for exposure you won’t have self employment taxes.

If you live in Glasgow, lucky you. You can go and treat yourself – but no haggling. You can follow the bakery on Facebook and Instagram wherever you are in the world.


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