An anti-vaxxer tried to school an immunology professor on Question Time and it’s a fabulous watch

It was a Question Time with a difference on BBC1 on Thursday with a special ‘anti-vaxxer’ edition of the show in which people who had refused the jab were invited to share their views.

And we’re very glad they did because otherwise we wouldn’t have got to watch this exchange which is up there with the most enjoyable 90 seconds of TV this week.

It’s an anti-vaxxer who said the jab had ‘horrific side effects’ and claimed the country was operating ‘with incomplete data’.

He put his points to panellist Professor Robin Shattock, head of the Mucosal Infection and Immunity at Imperial College London’s Medicine department, and it’s quite the watch.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

To conclude …

And also this.


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