A boss told their staff to quit if they wanted to work from home and got entirely the response they deserved

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ which is frequently full of stories of outrageous bosses and terrible working conditions.

But just occasionally it also features an employer getting exactly what they deserved, and a very satisfying read it is too.

And this is one such example, a boss who told their staff to quit if they wanted to carry on working from home. And even if you can guess what happens next, it’s still a great tale, told by Icerman over on Reddit.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

“If you won’t let your employees work from home, someone else will.”

I don’t understand why corporations won’t jump on the fact that they wouldn’t have to rent offices anymore. That’s a lot of extra cash for their yachts.

‘Not just renting itself but all the maintenance and IT guys. Cleaning crew, etc. ???’

‘Its not about money. Money for rent on the building goes to their buddies, that’s fine.
Its about control. Its about making you feel the collar.’

‘Bravo. I work remotely and actually enjoy my job, but, the day they tell me I need to return to the office is the day I make them fire me.

‘Our team has been doing the job successfully and remotely since Mid 2020 – it’s just about the illusion of control. Companies need to fully embrace remote work or face becoming obsolete.’


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