Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Rejected Airline Safety Video’ gin advert is 42 seconds of high-flying humour

While you might know Ryan Reynolds as the joint owner of Wrexham AFC – oh, and as an internationally famous A-list actor – he’s also a shareholder and former owner of the Aviation American Gin Company.

In a match made in heaven, or at least somewhere in that general area, Aviation Gin has recently made a deal with BA Airlines which will see the spirit served on their flights.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds was the natural choice for the commercial advertising the move – and it’s pretty special.

Spilling even one drop of the world’s highest-rated gin will result in you being duct taped to your seat for the remainder of the flight.

Someone should make a real safety video that keeps the attention like that one.

Here are a few comments we thought got into the spirit of things.

I think we can all agree we feel safer than ever with this video.
Gabriele Acquaroli

An american made gin, sold by a Canadian, served on a British airline. 🤣🤣
Brian Brooks

Where can I buy one of these flotation devices? Do we have to start collecting Aviation Gin UPCs and send them in the mail with $5.95 for shipping and handling?
Nick Maleck

You know people have crossed the line when Ryan Reynolds says “this is starting to feel reckless”.

The video got the highest possible endorsement.

As an airline pilot, I find this safety presentation far more informative than the FAA mandated ones.

Give that man a gin – when he’s off duty.


Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation gin ad uses the Peloton ad woman in a bit of marketing genius

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