This taco shop’s takedown of a 1-star review was super spicy

Back in the day if you tried to buy a drink underage then you had nowhere to vent apart from your friends.

Now you can leave a 1-star review in an attempt to get your own back, but in this particular case it backfired in some style.

‘Caution: this taco shop is SPICY,’ said Redditor ImSqueakaFied.

And it was the ‘real ids’ bit in the original post that people especially enjoyed (we liked the ‘you know, laws’ bit in the response as well).

‘Oh man, I hope that’s real because that was a joy to read.

‘I love how the review said they turned down our real IDs. Vincent Adultman much, kid?

‘Well f-ck. Now where are they going to celebrate when they win it all in Varsity Soccer?’

‘Today I had a young lad come into my shop to buy beer. He showed me a very high quality picture of what appeared to be a real ID. Problem was, he was wearing the uniform of the local school you leave at 16 years old.’

“With our real ID’s”

‘Sweet, sweet reality.’


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Source Reddit u/ImSqueakaFied