A teenager’s funny new-monarch question got some equally funny reactions

Over on r/CasualUK, proud parent u/Pestish shared this beautiful moment of uncertainty – clearly rescued from the bin.

They wrote –

On a conference call…my 14yr old daughter presented me with this note to avoid disturbing me…

Hey! It’s her first time losing a monarch – like most of us – so it’s not the daftest question ever.

Reddit users loved it, and shared their thoughts.

That is so cute. I love it when teens do stuff like this, they’re still kids even though they are so grown up.

No, any money with the Queen on it is no longer legal tender.

Please send it to me and I’ll destroy it. Securely.

I would find it very hard not to laugh, and impossible not to smile ear-to-ear, upon receiving that note. That’s a story you’ll be repeating in front of her forever.

Write the date on it and keep this note for when she becomes Governor of the Bank of England.

I like the detailed description about why she’s going to the shop, gotta love that background info.

This thread was pretty special.

Imagine if all money was void as soon as she died.

“A palace spokesman said today The Queen is in hospital for a routine and minor operation.”


I want a movie entirely out of this idea. A family that seriously believes that and tries to spend all their money in a few days.

Queuester’s Millions.

It wouldn’t be a long film. I filled the car up and paid the gas and electric bills, skint now 😁

It might make her feel better to know that she’s far from the only person with these concerns.

Had a similar one yesterday, booked a holiday for me, my partner and his son for next year. He asked if he would need a new passport because his still says the Queen.

A Redditor named u/DrivingCrawley spotted the dad joke opportunity.

I assume you pointed to the word ‘one’ on the piece of paper and then smiled.

u/Pestish explained why they didn’t go for it.

That would mean having to terminate my call with immediate effect. Dad jokes make her violent!

In case you wondered what answer they gave –

I should have told her that all her money needed to be spent before the funeral in hindsight! ….given the situation, I pointed at yes whilst trying to maintain concentration 😂


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