Whoever dreamt up this photo to clear Prince Andrew’s name – what were you thinking?

CW – sexual abuse references.

We all surely remember Prince Andrew’s interview with Emily Maitliss, which he gave to refute accusations by Virginia Giuffre of historic sexual abuse. With his unsubstantiated Pizza express alibi and unbelievable claims of being unable to sweat, it only served to make matters worse.

Of course, the prince categorically denies any wrongdoing and has not been convicted of, or even tried for, anything. In fact, he is currently, according to reports, attempting to find a way to claw back the £12 million he paid Virginia Giuffre to avoid a civil court case in the United States.

One lifeline has been thrown by *checks notes* convicted sex trafficker Gislaine Maxwell, live from prison, who insists a photo of the prince and his accuser has been faked.

A second lifeline is this photo in the Telegraph, which – astonishingly – has not been faked.

We need a closer look at that.

Perhaps the Telegraph was at the cinema the night of the interview, and every night since, because only complete ignorance of the history of Prince Adrew’s alibis/excuses (delete as appropriate) could account for clearing that for publishing.

The suggestion that the bath was too small for sexual activity received all the scorn it deserved – as well as a certain amount of justified fury.