This American’s complaint about Margo Robbie’s Australian accent was one for the ages

We’re grateful to u/aznj1m for sharing this screenshot of what may be in the top ten of unreasonable expectations of actors we’re likely to ever see.

Why doesn’t Andy Serkis simply hiss when he talks and call his wedding ring ‘the prescious’? We know he can do it if he tries. And as for Tom Holland – what’s that silly English accent about? He could be talking like an American as he swings through the city on a web.

from Facepalm GIFs via Gfycat

Reddit users were appalled.

Sometimes, I’m appalled by the sheer audacity……..

Drop your natural accent so I don’t have to be reminded other places beyond the USA exist.

TBH I don’t think she can point out any other continents on the map accurately so her life starts and ends in her little hellscape that she calls home.

We should make everyone take on a Chicago accent, it’s definitely the most attractive one a lady can use.

I don’t think it called “dropping the accent” if you are intentionally changing the way you naturally speak.

Do people ever tire of being insufferable c***s about non-issues?

How dare she speak in her native accent. Shame.

Simple-minded people get upset at the simplest things

“How dare this talented woman not be from America!”

Actors should never just be people! They make a lot of money!

Ah, yes, entertainers must entertain all the time. No personal identity allowed.

darth-numenorean summed it up.

You live in America speak English … Wait, no, not like that!


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