This American’s rant against ‘socialist’ solar panels got just the response it deserved and it’s one for the ages

Over on Reddit this rant against ‘socialist’ solar panels has been going viral (and not for the first time, we believe).

It was shared in the corner of Reddit called ‘facepalm’ for reasons which will become obvious.

And it got just the response it deserved.


‘What is supposed to be “socialist” about using solar panels?’

‘It’s modern and eco-friendly and the tree-hugging lefties like it. therefore it *must* be socialism. because its the antithesis of everything the anti-intellectual rightwingers like her believe in.’

‘I love how Emily took the high road and didn’t call the op an idiot or anything. She just provided information in a positive, constructive manner and everyone learned something.’

‘Sorry, but I’m here to call the f*cking moronic loser who calls people using solar panels nitwits by his rightful f*cking title.’

‘I mean. I don’t have an electric bill for 4 – 5 months of the year and every 3 months I get sent a payment for excess electricity I sent back to the grid.

‘Working out pretty nicely.’

Source Reddit u/FaakhiraProud