Everybody likes good news – even when it’s a wrong number

Over on r/MadeMeSmile, u/CursingFijian shared a heartwarming wrong-number text exchange that started with some really good news.

Not many wrong numbers increase your faith in human nature. Redditors appreciated it and were also very happy for CursingFijian’s mother.

2 years from now, we’ll be seeing posts about how they spend every Xmas together because of this accidentally text.

PS… Awesome news for mom.

How I met your mother.

Awesome news to Mum! Congrats. Wrong # response was the only right way.

As another stranger who wishes your mother well, Vitamin D gummies make it so much easier to remember to take them, because it makes them a little treat in the morning!

This is also the best news I’ve heard all day as well. I’m glad your mom will be okay.

Well, that’s wholesome! Also, congrats to your mom!!

I always knew that the world is not without kind and sympathetic people.

This hit me hard.

Finally some good fucking news!

This made me cry happy tears.

It is nice that the wrong number that she sent to it was a person who actually gets happy to hear good/happy news for other people. I know more than a few people who would just get more upset to hear that someone got good news while they were having a shit day…

fluffykerfuffle3 had their own wrong-number story.

Okay, my story but not messaging… phoning.

One night I was calling my ex-husband about something to do with the kids and I misdialed the area code lol and got some guy in New York City. He had the accent and everything lol. And I went, “oh, sorry, I was calling my ex-husband but somehow got you.” and he said no problem and we hung up.

But a few minutes later he called back. Evidently he had been mulling it over lol. And he said “Listen, you should forget about that bum and move on with your life” lol I think he thought it was very late where I was so my call to the ex was one of those late night woe-is-me calls lolol which it wasn’t but that he was so kind and lol with that rough streetside accent o m g it was wonderful!

I was so grateful that that guy was big brothering me and it made me feel warm and protected and actually not lonely.

: )

Anyway, I was in shock but thanked him with a smile in my voice, so we parted feeling good.

Wrong number. Right reaction.


In the wrong number text exchange hall of fame, this is up there with the best

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